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every 2nd Thursday of the month

Swiss Mixer 2017

Jan 12 | Feb 9  | Apr 13 | May 11 | Jun 8 | Jul 13 | Aug 10 | Sep 14 | Oct 12 | Nov 9 | Dec 14

March 9 at Ruth Bachofner Gallery

6-8 pm and beyond

Ristorante Locanda Del Lago

231 Arizona Avenue (3rd Street Promenade) Santa Monica, CA 90401

Enjoy some low-priced drinks and food at the Swiss Mixer - Great Happy Hour.   This is a casual and open event - for anyone that wants to meet new people, network and maintain friendships.  Anybody is welcome!  No RSVP or membership required.  Downtown Parking Tips - Stay out of Traffic.

If you’re new, track down the hosts and we’ll be sure to introduce you to people. email for more info.

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We're also on Facebook - Group Swiss Mixer Los Angeles

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